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Group Sessions

I also do free groups and some paid groups. Ideas for these group come from people who have an interest in a certain subject. If there are a lot of people interested in a weight loss group and I can get the space, I may offer a free group and if there is interest in some topic and I can’t get free space, I will offer a paid group. All groups and downloadable recordings will be announced in the newsletter. No matter which method you choose to make your life changes or any combination, I am sure that you will succeed at your goals if you are willing to work at developing belief by repeating the exercise of visualizing your success.

Some of the topics are: nail biting, fear of doctors, and weight loss and stop smoking. I hope that you find these tapes to be helpful. Any questions that you have feel free to call me to talk to receive help with the downloadable recordings or groups. I am committed to help you succeed.

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