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Do you often feel that your mind is blocking you from reaching your goals?

Do you often feel that your bad habits happen automatically without your knowledge?

Do you wish you had more will power?

Do you feel that it is impossible for you to relax?

Does life stress get in the way of problem solving for you?

If you are one of the people who feel blocked in reaching your goals and that your mind is not your ally, I can help you to program your mind so it works with you instead of against you. Sometimes it feels like that cigarette or chocolate gets into your mouth automatically. It is often difficult to understand how to break the cycle and get your mind to automatically make the choices that you desire. I can help you to get your mind on your side and get you to stop running on automatic pilot in the wrong direction for you. I can also help you to use your mind, by helping you to reprogram it so you use mind power and not will power. Imagination and imagery are much more effective than will power. If you feel tense and stressed so that relaxation is difficult, I can help you to learn to relax and to sleep well as a result.


Yes, You Can! Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, and more using Hypnotherapy. Let Us Show You How!

Many or most of us have bad habits that make life less enjoyable and productive. We know smoking is unhealthy but can't seem to stop. We want to take off those extra 5, 15 or 50 pounds but can't seem to keep away from the fatty and sugary snacks. Stress keeps us from being able to really enjoy what life has to offer. Many of us have accepted these things as “normal” and have resigned ourselves to having to live with the repercussions of these bad habits and negative thinking patterns.

Expensive and time-consuming psychotherapy, stop-smoking and weight loss programs are not necessary to achieve your goals. It is possible to get rid of these self-sabotaging behaviors much more quickly, effectively, and less expensively, in your own time, using hypnotherapy recordings.

Hypnosis is not dangerous or difficult. It will not turn you into a zombie. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of awareness during which a person is more inclined to accept outside suggestions. The hypnotic state heightens memory and perceptions and can act as a catalyst toward rapid healing, enhanced creativity, and countless other beneficial changes. Most hypnosis clients describe the state as extremely pleasant, deeply relaxing, and euphoric. The most common feelings reported by hypnosis clients include the following:

  • Deep Relaxation

  • A slight tingly or numb feeling

  • A feeling of heaviness or a sensation of floating

  • A desire to swallow--more obvious than when fully conscious

  • Slight body twitches

  • Eye fluttering

  • A noticeable change in breathing which is not unpleasant

You are not unconscious during hypnosis. In fact, you are more aware of what is going on around you than in a normal waking state. Generally speaking, the client hears and remembers 50-100% of what is said during a session and is very aware of his/her own body and breathing, as well as of the temperature and sounds in the room.

Approximately 90% of people who experience hypnosis report that they are actually more aware, rather than less aware, when hypnotized. Nearly 10% of the public goes so deeply into hypnosis that they have no memory of the session. Most clients can hear and remember most of their hypnotic experience.

The hypnotic state occurs naturally any time a person becomes deeply relaxed or highly focused. Hypnosis can occur when a person spaces out while driving a car, reading a book, or watching a movie. A professional hypnotherapist can prompt and regulate the hypnotic state in individuals and help facilitate desired changes through the use of properly worded hypnotic suggestions. These suggestions can be focused on specific topics such as smoking cessation, weight loss, and more.

A person that is under hypnosis is not "asleep." On the contrary, they are more aware of what is taking place than usual. Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a sleep state or a state of unconsciousness. You are completely awake and completely aware.

You cannot be hypnotized against your will. You must be 100% cooperative in order to be hypnotized. During hypnosis you may choose or refuse any suggestion given since you still have free will. Hypnosis is one of the most pleasant and natural therapies available. It puts YOU in charge of your own mind and your outcomes.

Hypnosis can be used for virtually any condition. It is useful for people who want to eliminate undesirable habits. Depending on your personal goals, you can, through our hypnosis recordings, stop smoking, lose weight, and eliminate stress and other undesirable behaviors.

After emerging from hypnosis, you will remember and be more likely to act on the suggestions from the recording. A person who listened to a stop smoking recording will, for example, avoid buying a pack of cigarettes at the store; a person who listened to a weight loss recording will be less apt to snack on fatty foods; a person who listened to a stress reduction recording will be more likely to take breaks while they’re working.

The most common conditions hypnotherapy is used for include:

Hypnosis is absolutely safe because the client is always in total control. There is no possibility of being manipulated because the session may be stopped at any time merely by opening one's eyes.

How many sessions a client needs will depend upon the client's motivation and the type of therapy the client is seeking. The number of sessions required depends upon how quickly an individual can process, or put into action, the information presented to them.

In many cases only one session is necessary. A typical session lasts between 45 minutes to one hour. Your hypnotherapist will want to discuss your concerns and what you expect from a hypnotherapy session or what type of therapy you are seeking.

Once the client and hypnotherapist decide the best therapy choice, the hypnotherapist will suggest an appropriate number of sessions to attain your desired goal.


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