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Custom Audio Recordings, Boston Hypnotherapy

Custom-made hypnosis CDs & audio recordings have an advantage over home visits in that you only need time to talk on the phone for the initial interview. I ask you some questions about your problem, how it impacts your life and how life would be different if your problem were to be solved. For example, if you lost weight or quit smoking, what would be different? Could you imagine a life free of the problem?

Let’s look at the difference in the interview. For custom-made recordings, there is no need to find out how relaxed you are now. Rather than purchasing generic CDs, such as weight loss hypnosis Cds or stop smoking hypnosis Cds, I send you a tape using and you can download it and listen to it at a good time for you. I do not enter your home and you need to arrange less time to talk. There is no travel time for me, so you save money by getting the recording. If you have a home visit, you get a recording as part of it, but with a custom-made recording, you receive support by phone.

For some things, it helps you to have the tape. If time is at a premium, if you live far from me, and if you need to save money, a custom-made recording is perfect for you. Your tape includes an induction, to get you relaxed, a deepening to deepen the relaxation suggestions, and an arousal much the same way your recording would be in a home visit. Because I interview you, your tape is designed to help you with your unique problem. Your phobias, desires, and a place that is most relaxing are considered. Whether you have background music or not is totally up to you.

For any hypnosis visit for health related concerns, it helps if I can contact your treating physician. The suggestions that are given can enhance your treatment plan. It is very important that I contact your doctor to help on your treatment team. Your doctor is second in command to you. A hypnotist is working with you and your doctor to help enhance the effectiveness of your treatment plan. If you have diabetes and are overweight your treatment and suggestions will be different from the person who is not diabetic and is still over weight.

Your doctor knows what he hopes to achieve with the treatment regimen for you. By coordinating with your doctor, all of the members of your treatment team can be on the same page.

Some people call me to have dreams interpreted, to find lost objects, to communicate with their spiritual helpers and to find an appropriate partner. All of these goals can be achieved with custom-made recordings.

If you have a problem with your recording, I am a phone call away. I will usually do another one to fix any problems that you may have in order to give you the best possible experience.

Presently, I am doing two recordings for the price of one. It is a sale to introduce people to the custom-made recordings.

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