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About Margaret Butler, Boston Hypnotherapist

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania twenty miles east of Pittsburgh. After high school I attended both Thiel College and the university of Pittsburgh. Since November of 1988, I have been practicing as a social worker doing work with elders, medical social work, and as a psychotherapist. I am an independent clinical social worker and can practice psychotherapy in Massachusetts. Six years ago, I learned to do hypnosis and found that it relieved chronic eye pain that I had suffered with for a long time. I felt sure that home-based treatment for pain and other disorders would be comfortable for my clients. Most of my clients feel more comfortable in their own homes and they avoid the traffic and the long waits in a waiting room. I also use rational emotive behavior therapy which was created by Albert Ellis, PH.D. This therapy has helped me to manage the frustrations of life and clients benefit by combining these two very good therapies in a package to promote change quickly.

I have been successful helping actors to do better, to help people to pass tests, to manage severe disabilities, addictions, and sleep walking just to name a few. I have found my work to be rewarding and look forward to helping you to reach your goals.

Margaret and Winston


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